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Sandy vs. Candle
Sandy vs. Savannah
Sandy vs. Angel

Sandy vs.

Sandy vs. Angel
Sandy vs. Candle


Sandy vs. Angel Consignment Video (hi-quality download)

***Both participants will split all net proceeds from these original sponsorships as is always the case.

WHAT YOU GET for your sponsorship of only $30:

***Sandy vs. Angel in a clawing, hair pulling, submission rematch for supremacy. 30 minutes of action with 5 - 7 minutes of behind the scenes footage as an added bonus.

***Plus an added photo feature with a minimum of 50 hi-quality photos of the two of them applying various holds on each other and using various dirty fighting tactics against each other.

***Also, an autographed 8x10 action photo, signed by both Sandy and Angel if you choose to receive a snail mail package.

and finally, the immediate set of 40 bonus photos of Sandy & Angel in action vs. others and a few solo shots of Sandy as well when you place your reservation via one of the purchase links.


WHAT YOU GET for your sponsorship of only $50:

All of the above plus 1 download of your choice that is actively linked / available from our online store and in addition you'll receive a BONUS NEW 10 MINUTE CATBALL CATFIGHT between Sandy and Angel.


HOW TO ENSURE YOUR RESERVATION FOR THE PACKAGE OF YOUR CHOICE AND A BONUS GIFT OF 40 photos of Sandy & Angel, just click on the pucchase link below and from there, CHOOSE THE SPONSORSHIP OF YOUR CHOICE, $30 OR $50.



***NOTE: Once the minimum number of sponsors is reached you'll be contacted with the date and time of the scheduled shoot. After the filming please allow no more than 2 weekdays for your product to be shipped to you and or the link to be sent to you in order to download the photos and videos.

IF FOR ANY REASON the video cannot be filmed, a full refund will be sent back to you through ccbill.

***ALSO, while in town during this filming, if you'd like to purchase your own full custom video please let us know a.s.a.p. so we can allow time for that filming as well, if both Sandy and Angel like the idea of your custom. Contact us on full custom pricing through the Haven's customer service email.




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